Be initiated into the Temple of a Goddess 

Explore your sensuality.  Dip your toes into tantra.  Look into your inner self and desires.



Come to the Temple of Goddess Black Honey at Exodus 

Come to the Temple to Worship The Goddess.

Come and kneel at Her feet, obey Her every command.

Come and sit in Her schoolroom and be taught the way to please a Goddess.  Come into Her boudoir and learn how to pleasure a Goddess.  Come into Her dungeon and learn the sweet pleasure of pain.


"I have been in the BDSM lifestyle for around 10 years now.  I became a Pro Domme in 2007.

I am known to be a very sensual, yet strong Domme.  My specialty is Facesitting.  I enjoy the power, control and sensuality of facesitting.  I enjoy the feel, the struggle of My slave...

I also love many other aspects of  BDSM and Fetish.  I am open to hearing what it is you are requesting for a session.  I will be honest about how possible your request is.  I am open-minded and approachable....So do not be shy ;)

I also am a Session Amazon.  I offer fantasy wrestling, height comparison and lapsitting.  Also body worship.

I am a True Goddess."


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